3 ways to make money for nothing

  1. Use our PTA’s fund raising search page when looking for anything on the internet, we gets a half pence donation for each search!
  2. Fill in a survey, register on a website or use an online service and we get a donation! (remember to register first and choose ‘Roding Valley PTA’ as your cause)
  3. And best of all, get free donations you by doing your normal online shopping for home or work. When buying things on the internet, the EasySearch above (or the ‘donation reminder below’) will identify retailers that are part of the fund raising scheme, if you go to the retailers site via our easy fund raising page (remember to register and choose ‘Roding Valley PTA’ as your cause);
    Then click on the retailer, we will get a donation!

Make it easier …

You can even make it easier by installing the donation reminder into your browser;

And for all those iPad users, there’s even an app for it;

More Details …