Our school has registered with a fund raising programme called EduVoice. This provides an easy and fun way for you and your children to help raise funds for our school. You will be pleased to know it does not require you to spend any money and does not require you to buy anything. In fact, you can earn money yourself, if you wish.

What is EduVoice

EduVoice is an online research and opinion panel, which can only be joined through invitation from a school in the UK. It is regularly used by organisations, companies and government, to survey the population on a wide variety of issues and topics. The panel consists of parents, pupils, wider family members, friends and teachers who complete short surveys online and receive payment for doing so.

How it works


What we would like you to do

The school would like all parents, pupils, wider family members and teachers to register with EduVoice. The more people we have taking part, the more money the school will raise.

To register yourself and invite other people you think may like to join please go to, where there is also more information available.

The important part

When you register at you will be asked for our schools unique code – this is:

Please enter this when prompted: 484133040

Thanks you so much for your continued support for the school and we hope you enjoy being part of the EduVoice panel.